Glycerin soap,Mask, alcohol, stainless steel plate, latex gloves, paper towel, disposable surgical paper

Made in the context of course 4.183 Handwashing, Rituals, and Forms of Obsession

Within a global context of isolation, we are curiously united by episodes of identical, obsessive movement: a medically standardized series of prescribed gestures that define the ritual act of handwashing. This twenty
second event is comprised of six specific gestures outlined by the WHO and adopted by the CDC, NHS, and
other medical bodies. Yet far from being a sterile experience, handwashing can be among a limited set of richly
tactile experiences left to us in a time of isolation. In this extreme context devoid of touch, handwashing is
accentuated as a hyperphysical experience: one that is both intensely physical, and shared.

Hyper- prefix
1: Above, beyond, super- (ex: hyper-market)
2: excessive (ex: hyper-sensitive)

Hyper- prefix
1: That is or exists in a space of more than three dimensions
2: Bridging points within an entity (such as a network)

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