These maps reflect the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. They map ocean currents to be encountered if one were to sail from Taipei to NYC; where I was born and where I reside. Taking inspiration from bodily “qi” and “meridians” in Chinese medicine, these maps regard cartography as subjective and embodied knowledge. These maps orient and index my being, as waves as well as particles. With them I’m thinking through categories of being and nonbeing, cutting across subject/object boundaries with hidden variables and “spooky action”.

The apple that falls from the tree still carries within it an orchard.

The process of making this piece turns to an age old technique in glass making—sand casting. Engaging with the nuanced meaning of sand(ocean) and sand(particle) and sand(tool), the process becomes a crucial component of the work. For this, I gathered Atlantic and Pacific beach sand, pressed them into molds, and drew out maps of currents that would be encountered when traveling through each ocean. While generally in sand casting the sand is seen as a material to be cleaned off the piece, I altered the casting process for maximum adhesion of the sand to glass, silica to silica.

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