Artificial Brain Loves to Watch Cat Videos. You'll love the most when your favorite cat loves you, raises its head, and licks your lips. So you give your cat a chance and don't let its fuzzy head get too close to its own scent. Now it can watch you and see what you're doing. Now it can learn from you.

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The desire to become Other. Non-human, trans-human, more-than-human. This desire is seductive, a primordial desire, arising from the soup of endosymbiosis. This desire is often framed as perverse, a taboo against the myth of the individual. In late capitalism it is not economical to understand that we are not in ourselves, we are through others. Always through others.

Our agency is multitudinal and incommensurable. Our intelligence is distributed and collective. How do we model an intelligence that is not just machine learning to become brain? How do we develop othered kinds of intelligence?

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